PIG Unisex Hoodie

PIG Unisex Hoodie

A cozy, no-nonsense hoodie to keep you warm

9-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly fleece

Air jet yarn for a soft, pill-resistant finish

Two-Ply Hood

Set in Sleeves with rib knit cuffs and waistband

Front Pouch Pocket

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$ 21.00



  • Events held on the 1st Thursday of each month
    • Possible change to weekly format in the future
  • Please read and agree to the official rules below before signing up or emailing questions.
  • Sign-up at the link below as an individual or team with the following information:
    • Individual
      • Name/Email
      • Availability
      • Experience Level
    • Team
      • Team Name
      • Contact Name/Email
      • Availability
      • Team members
      • Intro Music
  • The winning team moves on to perform in the next Infinite Bacon show
    • Please make sure you or your team are available to continue performing beyond the initial performance night
  • You are a badass for signing up.

Get weird. Get out there. HAVE FUN.


FIRST, did you read the rules? Like, all of them? All the ones below?

Sign up here!



  • Individual submissions
    • You will be entered into a pool of individuals
    • Teams will be formed by the Infinite Bacon organizers
  • Team submissions
    • Existing or brand new teams are welcome
    • Teams can be any size
  • Performance Dates
    • Individuals and teams will be informed at least two weeks ahead of their performance date
    • You can work with IB:CM organizers to hire a coach through PIG


  • 2 Teams compete each night
    • A performer can only perform with one group on a single night
  • Each team will have up to 25 minutes to perform.
    • A countdown clock will be clearly visible for the performance
    • The host will look for a blackout the stage at 25 minutes.
    • We request Teams DO NOT call their own set before the 25 minute blackout.
  • Teams will provide their Team Name and Intro Music before their performance date
  • Teams must be able to perform their set on either the Main Stage or in the Pig Pen
  • Audience Voting
    • Every audience member gets one voting token upon entry
    • That night’s performers do not vote
    • Team with the most votes wins control of the coveted Infinite Bacon Belt to be named
    • Host is responsible for determining winner, including breaking ties
  • Winners move on to the next Cage Match event
  • Decisions of the host are final


  • All performers must adhere to PIG’s Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Props, music, costumes, short/mid/long-form, and whatever else you can think of are fine--as long as it’s improvised
  • Have FUN.
    • Stretch and grow as a performer, take RISKS you wouldn’t normally take on stage, work with people you haven’t had a chance to work with much (or at all!) Try or modify a form you’ve never done, create your own, whatever you do just GET OUT THERE!

Diversity Scholarship

PIG is always accepting applications for our Diversity Scholarship. We will be awarding scholarships throughout the year. This is an opportunity open to the general public, so feel free to refer all your favorite non cis-gendered-under 45-white-male identifying friends!

Apply Now!