REDRUM: Red Spectrum

October 7th-29th

Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm


Red Spectrum, a group of local paranormal investigators, have received reports of unexplained disturbances in an inner city church basement. The cast of improvisers piece together the building’s rich history with filmed ghostly evidence to discover more horror than they bargained for.

“Ghosts have always fascinated me, they’re such a major a part of our folk lore and we don’t even know if they’re real. This is an opportunity to push the genre and it demands a lot of focus and skill from our actors”- Alan Sousa, Director. 

Travel around the darkened space to hunt for ghosts, solve historic mysteries, and see for yourself what happens when doors are accidentally left open. Due to the nature of improvised theater, parental discretion is advised.

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Concept by Alan Sousa; Directed by Alan Sousa and Eric Fulford; Cast includes: Jim Bagley, Melissa Bowler, Mitch Campany, Peter Cunis, Mindy Deering McCombs, Steve Dionne, Brian Elliot, Tom Epstein, Bridie Jurasevich, Denali Kikuchi, Alex O’Brien, Jess Ring, John Ring, Jimmy Sorel, and Katy Taylor



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